Life Anti-Dotes

Tuesday, August 6, 2013




Mean What You Say!!! And Say What You Mean!!!

To Give Mix Signals Only Confusses You And Makes You Look Like An ?

Be Honest And Speak The Truth Only As You Know It!!!

Be Accountable!!! Regardless If It Feel's Good Or Not!!!

Learn To Like Yourself by Being Honest With Yourself!!!!

Be Enough Of Who You Are and Others Will Except The Rest!!!

Love Have No Conditions Unless You Make It A Condition!!!

Be Humble Enough To Say "I'm Sorry" Even If You Feel Your Right!!!

A Frown Is An Upside-Down Smile!!!

Be Willing To Share With Others!!! It's Like A Boomerang!!! It Always Come Back!!!

UseYour Life For Purpose!!! You Only Have A Limited Life Coupon!!!

Always Give Your Best!!! No Worries!!! If You Did A Good Job!!!

Have Hope And Pass The Left-Overs!!!

Show Up In Your Life!!!

Make No Excuses!!! On Why Your Not The Best You!!!

Give!!! Expecting Nothing Back In Return!!!

Have A Blessed Life!!! By Being Blessing To Others!!!

It's Easy To Love Others!!! When You Love Yourself!!!




Living A Life Of Purpose

Sunday, August 4, 2013

To Find Your Purpose Takes Both Roads!!! SUCCESS AND FAILURES!!!
Living a life of purpose is a monumental feat. Something which takes great thought and a sense of awareness unlike to others who live their lives for pleasure, thrill, adrenaline or just to get through another day. When you truly find the key to unlock the mystery to living a purposeful life. Is a rewarding aftermath to which only brings true joy and a sense of peace for your life. My face book friend and family member Sarah Babyboo, said to me the other day, her friends said she should become a photographer. I replied "Be What You Want To Be"!!!. We live our lives to please others and yet negate the very sense that brings us pleasure in order to fit in or be liked. I'm older now, so it's different not trying to be part of the cool club or being the big man on campus. I live a life of purpose now and I encourage others to do like wise.

I come from a life of misery, mayhem confusion and discontent and living with a plastic smile, to only carry a hole in my soul for the lack of guidance and wrong information I was fed as a child. I grew into my anger, hatred, prejudice and bitterness towards my own race and yet hated the whole world I lived. I found God as a source to deliver all my burdens and worries and let him carry the load he died for me, on the cross at Calvary. My source of peace comes from an inner belief, I'm enough!!! and "I'M OK WITH THAT"!!! Just The Way I Am!!!. A friend of mines Lamont Hill, who mentors me on several social issues for MoondoWorld, said to me a week ago, to do this and be like that!!! I replied: "That's Not Me!!! and I'm Not Trying To Be Like Other People"!!!. I want to be me and if the public doesn't like it, is their problem, not mines. I know he cares and wants me to be the best: "Moondo" I can be but I must not live a lie and tell others to except themselves but yet change every season because someone told me, I wasn't good enough just the way I am!!!. I am good enough!!!I am smart enough!!! I am good looking, ha ha ha?. but you get the point.